After two years of constant experimenting and testing our wooden eyewear is proudly presented as premium brand in wood handcrafted eyewear. Every piece of wood used in production of sunglasses and optical frames is carefully picked by hand by us to be sure that it will give the stability and unique look to every single piece of wooden eyeglasses. Wood as material gives us excitement every time we start making a new pair as it surprises us with the final look as it gives uniqueness to every new pair we produce. Every pair goes trough long process of designing, shaping and finishing before we can call it the final product. We pay a big attention to details what makes us stand out from the crowd. Environment is very important to us so we are giving our best to give back to the nature  by planting a tree for every pair we sell.


Kamenica BB, 18000 Nis,

Serbia, Europe


tel : +381 64 827 6825 , +381 69 456 1619        

email :

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