Lou di Lo is an art workshop specializing in the manual production of exclusive eyewear frames located in Serbia.
What distinguishes us from the competition is the very way of production and the material used in the production.
Material being used is fossil oak wood called Bog oak ,differently Abonos or Morta aged from 600 to even 8000 years.
Special collection made of God Oak is symbolically called Saurus, which symbolizes the age of the material itself.
We pay special attention to detail and finishing process which gives our products a unique look.
On top of the impeccable design, the wood gives the frames a special look, structure and color that can
only be created by nature and which is unique to this kind of wood. No frames are being painted or chemically treated.
Final protective layer of coating is based on a special mixture virgin olive oil and natural beeswax, which give the frames satin
appearance and certain water resistance and durability.
Given that from the first to the last step the glasses are made by hand , production quantity has to be limited to inssure
the quality, what gives an additional exclusivity to the product itself.
We started production at the beginning of 2016 and since then we have been continuously improving and progressing until the whole process is still based on human skills and ability to create something beautiful and special.


Miroslav Trajkovic

co - founder


Aleksandar Kostic
co - founder